At Andrew Bingham Independent Funeral Service we understand that organising a funeral can be expensive. We have always been as open and transparent as possible regarding costs with our clients and we were one of the very first in the area to advertise our prices online (long before it was made compulsory). We will always give a detailed breakdown of estimate of charges at the time of making the funeral arrangements, followed by a typed estimate and confirmation. Being a small family business, and not bowing to pressures from shareholders, we have been able to keep our funeral prices as low as possible whilst maintaining the level of service and quality that you would expect and that our reputation would suggest. (See what people are saying about us.)

Due to the significant rise in the cost of funerals over the last few years, The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), have led an investigation into the funeral profession and have produced The Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021this now means that All Funeral Directors are legally required to publish a 'Standardised Price List’; ‘Additional Options Price List’; ‘Business terms’; ‘Declaration of ownership’ and ‘local crematorium prices’ both on their websites and in prominent positions within their premises by 16th September 2021. The aim of this is to show a like for like price for funerals.

The CMA standardised pricelist is somewhat different to how we have always shown our prices and whilst we are fully behind the CMA in having a standard price list to make it easier to compare prices, their format can appear more confusing.

Funeral directors are not allowed to change the format or wording of the STANARDISED PRICELIST and although in the past we have never charged families for coming to the chapel to see their loved one or for collecting Cremated Remains from the crematorium, the CMA have insisted that we now charge, hence why there is a nominal charge of £1.00.