Green Eco-Funerals

Andrew Bingham Independent Funeral Service are fully committed to minimise our impact on the environment. Our veneered and solid coffins are sourced locally from Haverhill and conform to the high environmental standards of the (FSC) ‘Forest Stewardship Council’.

We have an extensive range of ‘Eco’ coffins and caskets including:

  • Fast-growing English natural willow (see below)
  • British Woollen Coffin, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame
  • Sea grass Coffins (Asia)
  • Banana Coffins made from the leaves of the banana plant, 100% completely natural and biodegradable

Our nearest natural burial grounds are:

  • Combs Cemetery
  • Farnham greenwood burial ground - near Aldeburgh
  • Oakfield Wood - Culford
  • Oakfield Wood - Wrabness
  • Colney Wood – Norwich

Andrew Bingham Independent Funeral Service is proud to be recommended by The Natural Death Centre, which is a charity giving advice and information on Green funerals.

The Natural Death Centre