The Eulogy

The eulogy is a testimonial to the life of the deceased celebrating their life, recounting their life’s experiences. The eulogy may be said by either the Funeral Celebrant, family or friends.

When writing a eulogy here are some of the things you may like to include nickname, school days, work and qualifications, family, hobbies and interests and maybe some funny stories. You will need to speak with the celebrant who will lead the service as to how long you can speak for, crematoriums work to a strict time scale, this can be extended if desired.

Giving a eulogy can be very difficult and it is advisable to type out what you are going to say, if you then feel too emotional to say it, it can then be said on your behalf.


One way to reflect the life of the deceased is through music. This can include live music such as jazz bands, bagpipes, string quartets etc.

Music can be provided by CD or if at any of the local crematoriums the music can be downloaded via the Wesley Music System at no cost.

Favourite pieces of music can be played as the congregation arrives, as the coffin enters the chapel, during the service and also as the congregation leaves the chapel.