Care of your loved one

One of the many important roles that we deal with is looking after your loved one and we have invested in the most up to date equipment and premises, of which we are very proud.

You may want to see your loved one either in our chapel of rest; alternatively you may wish for them either to be brought home for a few days or just on the day of the funeral. Your relative can be dressed either in one of our gowns or their own clothes

Embalming or Hygienic treatment

We do not believe that everyone should be embalmed; we feel it is not necessary. It may be advisable to carry out embalming if people are regularly visiting the chapel or there is a delay before the funeral. Only qualified personnel carry out embalming at Andrew Bingham Independent Funeral Service, Andrew qualified as an embalmer in 1988 and is a member of the British institute of Embalmers. Andrew is often called up on by other funeral directors to carry out embalming on their behalf.