Frequently asked questions

Q: How many copies of the death certificate will I need?

A: The amount of death certificates will vary for each individual. You will need to take into consideration how many bank accounts, pensions, insurances etc. If required you can obtain further copies at a later date.

Q: Can family members or friends carry the coffin?

A: Family or friends can carry the coffin and full instructions will be given. We always provide an adequate number of bearers to give support and just in case someone is too emotional or has a change of mind.

Q: Can the funeral cortege go via a favourite route or place of interest?

A: The funeral cortege can go a specific route or via a special place of interest, just let us know at the time of making the funeral arrangements.

Q: Can a family member or friend take part in the funeral service?

A: Family or friends are welcome to take part in the service. This may be a reading, poem or tribute/eulogy; it is advisable to discuss the content and length with the celebrant who will be leading the ceremony. It is also advisable to print the words out just in case the person is too emotional on the day, it can then be read on their behalf.

Q: Can I put keepsakes in the coffin?

A: Yes. Pictures, teddies and jewellery can all be placed in the coffin, if the funeral is to be a cremation, no glass or shoes can be left in the coffin.

Q: How many people can fit in each limousine?

A: Seven family and friends can fit in each limousine.

Q: What options are there for the cremated remains?

A: Cremated remains can be scattered in the Garden of rest at the crematorium, they can be buried in a new or family grave at the crematorium, cemetery or churchyard. They can be scattered at a favourite place (permission should be given by the land owner). Alternatively we have different keepsakes available for keeping at home.

Q: How can I guarantee they are my loved ones cremated remains?

A: The crematoriums have thorough operating policies; everything is clearly labelled throughout the cremation process. Most crematoriums have open days and are happy to show members of the public how they operate.